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Before Begin
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Required Information

A separate enrollment is required for each payment you are signing up. You will need the following information for each payment you wish to enroll:

Benefit Recipient Information
  • Social Security Number (SSN): The benefit recipient’s SSN should be used on the enrollment. The recipient’s SSN may or may not be the SSN on which the benefits are drawn, however, the individual recipient's SSN will always be included on the enrollment record.
    • In cases such as minor children, the SSN will be the child’s SSN and not that of the adult account holder (representative payee) who is also named on the benefit check and the financial institution's records.
    • The representative payee's SSN is never used on the enrollment.
Benefit Payment Information
  • Check or Claim Number: 12-digit check number of your last federal benefit check or claim number. You must have one of these two numbers for each payment you are enrolling.
    • Check Number: The 12-digit check number is found in the upper right-hand corner of your federal benefit check. It will be 4 numbers a space and then 8 numbers.
    • Claim Number: A 8-10 character claim number or payee-ID is the number assigned by the paying agency for each benefit recipient. The claim can be found on correspondence or other documentation issued from the paying agency (Sample Claim Number formats: 123456789A, 123456789D, 123456789C3).
  • Name and Address Information: The name(s) must match the federal paying agency’s records. Therefore, the name should be entered EXACTLY as it appears on the federal benefit check.
  • Payment Amount: You will need to provide the exact dollar amount of your most recent federal benefit check. If you are just beginning to receive benefits, or have received a lump-sum payment, you may need to enter that amount, or the amount of your monthly award. If you have not yet received a monthly check, you will not be able to enroll at this time.
Direct Deposit Information
  • Routing Number: The Routing Number can be found on your personal checks, bank statements, or passbook.
  • Checking or Savings Account Number: You can find your account number on your checks, bank statements, or passbook. You can also call your bank directly for assistance.